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Restoring the Temple

This year we are focusing on how to glorify God by taking care of the temple.  In the Old Testament, the Temple was the center of worship.  It was the place that the glory of God dwelt.  But how should New Testament Christians think of the Temple?  

1. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  The Bible teaches that the Spirit of God dwells within all born-again believers.  Therefore, we should "glorify God in our bodies." (1 Corinthians 5:20)  This year we are encouraging one another to eat healthy, exercise, and take better care of our bodies for the glory of God.

2. The church, corporately, is also the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  In the same way that we should take care of our physical bodies as a temple of the Spirit, we should also pursue godliness and train ourselves spiritually.  This year we are encouraging one another to practice spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, and fasting in order to grow more mature in Christ.  

3. Lastly, we recognize that our facilities at Semmes First have been committed to the Lord's service in our community.  As with all gifts of God, we should steward our campus to the glory of God.  Whether we take care of our facilities or not communicates to the community around us how much we value God and His Kingdom. 

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